What do we do?

Artworld Law is a legal consultancy specialised in Art and Culture that was born of the need to give answers to several legal issues that arise in regards to the art world, from the purchase of works to the management of collections.


The Law is a discipline that rules numerous aspects in our lives, and the cultural and artistic field is not an exception. Artworld Law wants to be there to help you in all the matters related to this sector and to walk with you to share the passion, the enthusiasm, and the dedication that art awakens in all of us, making easier the path when the doubts and difficulties appear. We are experts.


Besides, as we are conscious of the current importance of culture as a factor of social connection, cooperation, and comprehension among nations, we invest part of our efforts into thinking about, contributing to, and going deeper in the study of this sphere of work that approaches culture from a legal perspective. Our contributions are framed onto the lines of activities of international organisations like the UN, the UNESCO, the OIE, the SEGIB, and the EU, among many others, and we aspire to enrich this field of specialisation of recent recognition.

reasons for choosing us


We love challenges and we take each case with the same enthusiasm.


We live up to date in our profession and know the latest developments.


We fulfil our mission always thinking about the client and his goals.


We are experts in the sector and have the experience to adapt ourselves to your needs.


We identify your needs and work to find the best solution for you.


We take time to understand your goals and find the optimal solution.


We prioritise your needs and pour all our resources to advise you.


We want to see first hand your case and will always be at your disposal.

Get to know us


We want to offer a full range of services that are designed to make life easier for art lovers.
We seek to make legal issues, relating to art and culture, more understandable and accessible to all the people.

Thinking about your needs

Looking for the best solution for you

Making the law more accessible


We believe that customer intimacy is not incompatible with professionalism. We serve the needs, we understand the context and seek the best solution, without losing sight of the goal. We work with responsibility, rigour and commitment.

Rigorous with the profession

Focused on targets

Creating a climate of proximity


We are adapted to contemporary times, where the concept of art has largely overcome the old clichés of exclusivity. We believe in art for all, and we practise a social responsibility to make a true collective experience out of culture.

Aware of the latest developments

Art and culture accessible to all

On research to promote the change

Who’s behind Artworld Law?

Law degree by the University of Santiago de Compostela.

MA in Leadership and Management of Cultural Projects by Rey Juan Carlos University.

MA in Law of the Culture by the Carlos III University and the UNED.

PhD student at the UNED with a research project focused on the international restitution of cultural property.

She has conducted numerous courses focusing on different legal specialities (Copyright, International Art Trafficking, Law of Historical Heritage) and specialised courses in cultural management: leadership skills for cultural managers, integrated management of the art market, digital cultural content, communication through social networks and cultural marketing.

She has extensive experience in managing non-profits entities in the cultural sector as well as in the design, organisation and management of cultural projects.

Overturned in the field of art, she has worked at the Contemporary Art Fair “Art Madrid”, in the art gallery “BAT Alberto Cornejo”, in the National Library of Spain and in several independent cultural projects.

She has been a developer and director of several organisations and associations of cultural purposes, to which she remains actively linked.

Today is dedicated to specialised legal advice and cultural management, and is developing a research project on extrajudicial mechanisms such as alternative dispute resolution in cases of restitution of cultural property.