authenticThe authenticity of the work is a key issue for professionals engaged in the art trade to potential buyers and collectors.

Art business centres must be sure that the works they offer are authentic, so many of them count on the help of specialists to certify the authorship and dating of the pieces. At the same time, a buyer or a collector needs to rely on the accuracy of what is acquired and to know the real value of the work.

This is crucial for many other aspects such as the negotiation of insurance, the appreciation of the collection, or eligibility for institutional aid or participation in loans due to the authorship of a work in particular.

The authenticity of the work usually results in queries like the following:

How can you prove the authenticity of a work?

What should you do if you suspect or discover that a work is false?

What mechanisms are there to use if you have suffered a scam?

What is the responsibility of the sellers of a work if it is found to be false?

What is the validity of the certificate of authenticity issued by a gallery?

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