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Collectors ֎
Foundations and institutions with art funds ֎
Museums and Cultural Institutions ֎
Non-profit entities with cultural purposes ֎
Artists and Studios Managers ֎
Cultural entrepreneurs ֎
֎ Art Galleries
֎ Art Fairs
֎ Auction houses
֎ Owners of pieces of the Cultural and Historical Heritage
֎ Investors
֎ Art and Antiquities dealers

Buying and sale of artworks

Collection management

Creation and management of non-profit organisations

Management 360: successful cultural projects

Copyrights and artworks

Import and export of artworks and cultural goods

Legal protection of artworks and cultural goods

Claim of misappropriated or stolen art pieces

Insurances and appraisals of artworks

Buy and sell in auction

Sponsorship and patronage

Auctions and galleries online

Tax system in art and culture

Investment funds in art and culture

Authenticity of artworks