enhibition1Undoubtedly, buying artworks is the way to create a direct relationship between the buyer and the object, most often intended to be permanent, although not lacking acquisition for speculative purposes.

Any act of purchase requires an act of sale. In this sense, although the sale by professionals is a frequent activity in certain places (galleries, antique shops, art fairs, auction houses), it can also be performed by an individual, and this may raise more questions about how to handle it, where to go, or how to improve private contracts with guarantees.

It is important to know the guarantees that
both buyer and seller have in the acquisition
of works of art

The acquisition of contemporary art does not usually present major problems because the restrictive measures about its circulation or legal provisions are not generally applicable. Difficulties may arise when trading operations are projected on antique pieces with higher historical and cultural value, for which the traders will have to bear in mind the rules that apply to the goods according to their category or classification and observe any provisions limiting their international circulation.

These details are of particular importance when an individual wants to sell a piece. The causes for this operation are diverse, from a need for liquidity or excess of personal property, the inability to bear the costs of conservation, and the need to undertake a distribution of inheritance, among many others. In these cases, it is essential to reconcile the law applicable to the aspirations of the seller, in order to not frustrate their wishes or give rise to business operations within the limits of legality.

On the other hand, in purchasing operations, especially when they involve a considerable outlay due to the importance of the piece or the recognition of its author, buyers may have doubts about the guarantees of the operation, and it is appropriate to know their rights and coverages sales offered by the professional.

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