paintings2Investing in art is a relatively recent practice in relation to other investment models in safe-haven values; however, this practice has been consolidated and expanded in recent years with new emerging products that conform to the needs of each client.

Art is a safe haven that rises in value over time and is hardly susceptible to fluctuations that depend on economic and political circumstances of the moment.

In addition, funds have evolved greatly so that the figures of business have changed to adapt to new times, although generally these funds tend to be more profitable when conceived as a long-term operation and not with speculative purposes.

What is clear is that art, and especially ancient art, is a tangible asset whose value increases over time, especially because it works regardless of other more volatile elements of the market such as interest rates set on a global level or the economic changes affecting fungible financial assets.

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In Artworld Law, we can inform you of existing funds in the market and which one best fits your needs, taking into account the type of investment and expected return.

Opting for art is a safe value.

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